Application Process


Anyone seeking help from the Trust must fill in the Trust’s standard application form. All applicants are advised to seek appropriate money/debt advice before applying to increase their chance of a successful application.

If an applicant would prefer us to speak to someone else regarding their application, they must give details of this third party in section 5 of the application. We treat all applications in the strictest confidence.

The Trust takes great care in creating online facilities that support you through the application process. You can start completing the form and come back to it at any time with guidance given at each step.

We cannot begin to assess an application form until all supporting documentation is provided. Evidence of income can be shown via a bank statement, wage slips or benefit letters. All evidence provided must be dated within three months however we can accept annual benefit letters for Works Pension, State Pension, Child Benefit and Disability Living Allowance (DLA).

The Trust acknowledges receipt of all applications it receives. If further information is required to assess the application this will usually be requested at the acknowledgement stage. An applicant is given four weeks to provide the required information. If the applicant does not reply within this time they are sent a reminder and given a further two weeks to submit the requested information. If the applicant does not reply within the six weeks granted, their application is closed as we assume they no longer want to apply. If they have difficulty obtaining the information needed to send to the Trust (for example if they are waiting for information from the DWP) they should inform the Trust before the four weeks is up. The Trust can then give them more time to send in what is needed.

If an applicant is asking for help with a gas or electricity debt we will contact the supplying company to confirm how much the applicant owes.

Online Process

Here at the EDF Energy Trust we look to use the latest technology to help our customer get the most from our online services. Using our online application form makes the process of applying both simple and effective. We believe it is the best way for you to send us your details as it can help us process your application quickly and efficiently.

The great features within our form help you every step of the way and it easy to save at anytime during completion for you then to come back to later to complete. In addition supporting information including proof of income, relevant bills and evidence of any special circumstances such as disability, etc. can be scanned and submitted with the on-line application form.

We are always reviewing ways to make the online submission as easy as possible and the form is regularly updated.

The Trust’s Decision

The Trust always writes to inform the applicant (or their nominated third) if they have been successful or unsuccessful in their application for an award.

If an applicant is successful in obtaining a grant to clear their gas/electricity debts, the Trust writes to inform them (or their nominated third party) of this and a payment is made directly to EDF Energy on their behalf.

Similarly, if an applicant is successful in obtaining a grant to clear other household debts or purchase other essential household items, the Trust will write to them (or their nominated third party) to confirm an award has been made and how the award will be paid. This is usually via a cheque made payable to the supplying company.

If the Trust is unable to help an applicant, the Trust will write to them (or their nominated third party).

Applying to the Trust again

An applicant who receives an award cannot reapply to the Trust for a period of two years. If an applicant is not successful they can re-apply to the Trust if their circumstances change. The decision of the Trust is final, we do not operate an appeals procedure.