We strongly advise you seek free independent money advice before completing this application. Seeking money advice will help you stay debt free in the future and increase your chance of a successful application.

To avoid falling into debt with your bills again in the future, please contact your energy supplier to ensure that you are on the most appropriate tariff. If you would like to discuss tariffs or set up a payment plan with EDF Energy, please call 0800 328 9010.

In addition EDF Energy also offers useful tips on how to reduce your bills with their online energy efficiency toolkit. Click here for more details.

If you are confident that you have sought appropriate money advice and would like to complete an application form...

Money / Debt Advice Services

Having trouble managing your debts? For free independent debt advice call the EDF Energy Debt Helpline on Freephone 0808 1566666 (Option 2)

Find out if you're missing benefits

Are you missing out on benefits you are entitled to? IncomeMax provide independent personal money advice and will check if you are missing out on any financial help available to you through welfare benefits, allowing you to maximise your weekly/monthly income.

Information for Advice Agencies/Workers

To find a money/debt advice organisation local to you via the following links: