Welcome to the EDFENERGY TRUST

From the end of December 2019, the EDF Energy Trust will be permanently closed as a result of changes to industry funding arrangements. If you wish to apply for a grant from the Trust, your application must be submitted by 30 November 2019 to ensure your application can be assessed and validated. Any applications received after this date will not be processed through the Trust.

Any applications that have been submitted on or before 30 November 2019 will be assessed and validated by the Trust and applicants will receive a decision on or before mid-December 2019.

Should you need help and advice on your existing debts please contact EDF Energy at www.edfenergy.com/for-home/help-support/help-centre or call 0333 200 5100.

You can quickly and easily apply via the Trust’s Online Application Form.

Who we are

The EDF Energy Trust is governed by a board of independent Trustees, who give their time freely.

EDF Energy is the sole funder of the Trust. Their financial commitment in 2017 is £4.5 million.

Since the launch of the Trust in 2003 over 39,000 awards have been made to vulnerable individuals and families totalling over £15.9 million.

How we can help

The EDF Energy Trust awards grants to individuals and families to:

  • Clear domestic gas and electricity debts owed to EDF Energy
  • Purchase essential energy efficient household items, e.g. washing machines, cookers
  • Bankruptcy/DRO, Sequestration and Minimal Asset Process fees

Money / Debt Advice Services

Need advice on how to clear your debts and manage your money? The EDF Energy Trust provides charitable funds to advice agencies to deliver specialist money / debt advice in local communities. Can they help you?

Lower your bills with EDF Energy

For help and useful tips on how to keep your energy bills down.

Information for Advice Agencies/Workers

This section gives information and guidance to advice agencies to help them assist their clients as quickly and effectively as possible in relation to fuel debts and applying to the Trust.